10 Amazing Health Benefits of Red Chilli Powder

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Red Chilli Powder

Fresh red chilli is an erect, branched, shrub-like herb with fruits, in the genus Capsicum, a member of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. They have shiny, deep red colored skin and are used in a variety of cuisines to add a fiery spiciness to them. Fresh red chilli can be used fresh, or in dried powdered form as well.

Red chili powder is a spice used worldwide in various dishes. This spice is highly demanded for its intense pungent flavor that it imparts to any dish to which it is added. Red chillies, from which the spice is extracted by drying and grinding, are abundant. No wonder the price of red chili powder in Sri Lanka is very reasonable. You can buy red chili powder from various brands in Sri Lanka, but if you want freshness and assured taste, we suggest Ceylon Especias Chilli powder, where you can find 100% original spice brands , clean and hygienic.

Builds Immunity And Fights Diseases

Improves Eye Health

Improves Skin and Hair

Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

Helps In Digestion


Helps in Weight Loss

Improves Cognitive Function

Improves Heart Health

Helps in Nasal Congestion

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